I do professional audio recordings for any occasion. I specialize in recording recitals and demo CD’s for competitions, summer programs, college acceptance, and any other projects involving instrumental/vocal solo and small ensembles. My rates are reasonable, I am flexible with locations and times, and most importantly my work is prompt and of the highest professional quality through the whole process of recording. My training has been, and is still, under Bob Beck, Chief Recording Engineer for the Conservatory of Music at UMKC. He is also the owner of About Phase Productions. Feel free to contact me with your recording project or idea; I’d be happy to communicate with you and discuss your needs.


I use a portable set up, which allows for such flexibility. I record with my laptop and Protools Mbox 2 setup, as it provides me with the most options to give my artists. I use dynamic, condenser, or ribbon microphones, depending on what I feel captures the best sound for the project. While I am open to suggestions, the idea is that you the artist, the one with the idea focuses on achieving your artistic ends: let me handle the equipment!

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